Darby Elizabeth Photography

Darby Elizabeth Photography

Have you ever wondered why some weddings just seem to stand out? I know I have. As I was getting this post ready I thought of 7 ideas, tips, whatever you want to call them to help aid you in your wedding planning.

1. If you can, work with a wedding planner. Even if it’s just for the day of the wedding. They will help calm your nerves.
2. Planning a wedding in a warm state like Arizona takes some careful maneuvering. Be sure to have plenty of water bottles available to your guests. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it!
3. Write your own vows. Now I know this can be a hard one for some people, but with a little effort and some help from family and friends you can come up with vows that everyone will remember.
4. Consider scraping traditions that don’t mean anything to you. Just because everyone else does it doesn’t mean you have to. One great example is from a recent wedding where in lieu of a wedding cake Jeff and Elena opted for a Gelato Bar!
5. Make the wedding party size fit you. Trust me, you don’t have to include every cousin, aunt or sorority sister you’ve ever had into your wedding party. Keep it manageable. You can still include these special people into your wedding by having them ready scripture or poems during the ceremony.
6. On site makeup and hair. This I highly recommend. It makes life sooo much easier for everyone, the less you have to drive around on your wedding day with your bridal party the better!
7. Have fun, don’t rush the detail moments. Enjoy the first kiss, enjoy the walk up and down the aisle, no one is going to be annoyed if you hug and kiss and high five everyone on your way down the aisle, it’s your time.

Do you have any great wedding tips? I’d love to share them on this blog. If so just add them in a comment and I’ll add them to the blog with a credit and link to you!

Okay now on to Ben and Lexi’s wedding trailer.
Ben and Lexi’s wedding took place at the Royal Palms Resort. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s amazing. I mean knock your socks off amazing. It’s not huge and not small and they way it is built makes every little nook and cranny feel inviting and secluded. It’s a really sweet place and I’m so glad Lexi and Ben choose it for their wedding.

On of my favorite things about Ben and Lexi’s Scottsdale wedding was the general feeling. It was so apparent from the get go that Ben just adored Lexi. Having that feeling surrounding them made the whole day magical. They were seriously so sweet together.

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